parma ham with pomegranate and Italian greens




It’s been a gorgeous weekend full of sunshine, so today I decided to do something nice and light for lunch. Parma ham is so delicious and has always been a lunchtime favourite for me. And I started early - I remember having parma ham sandwiches for lunch at primary school while everyone else ate cheese slices between white bread. I think my mum drew the line at my request for parmesan shavings.

Today I just sliced up a pomegranate and scattered the juicy seeds over the parma ham. The fruit’s sweetness against the strong salt of the ham works really well. Of course you can use melon or even a drop of raspberry coulis if you prefer.

Next is Italian-style greens, which I absolutely love. My grandma has always done the best sautéed greens and I’m always fascinated to hear my dad tell stories of when she first moved to England in the ’40s and used to pick greens, even rocket which today is more than common, and how people thought she was like a witch picking weeds. How things have changed!

If you know and love Italian food, I’m sure you’ll agree that the way they cook vegetables is seriously tasty. And it’s not hard. All you really need is lots of olive oil and garlic. 

Today at the Sunday market in Wellington there were lots of lovely greens, so I picked a large bunch. You can use any greens that take your fancy for this recipe. All you need to do is cover the base of a frying pan or wok with olive oil, fry off three cloves of crushed garlic and the end green part of five spring onions, sliced, then add your greens and stir until they’ve wilted and fried for about 10 minutes. It really is as easy as that. Good hot or cold, these kind of greens can be part of a light lunch or a nice vegetable to accompany meat on an evening. 

As I keep cooking for Jennie Eats Italy, I’m really realising that a lot of Italian food is so much easier to make than people think, and I’m going to keep unearthing good recipes that look and taste impressive but don’t require lots of ingredients or time in the kitchen. Have a lovely Sunday x

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